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Projects Trackers
11th Urea/Ammonia (Lordegan Urea/Ammonia)
17 January 2017
Iran Lordegan Urea / Ammonia project made 56% physical progress by late Dec. 2016.
The construction process of this petrochemical project is ongoing and the major part of the foreign orders that were supposed to be procured European countries including Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain, have arrived in Iran and have been already transferred to the site of the project.
Lordegan Petrochemical Complex uses the Euro 520 Mln Chinese finance; thus, it is obliged to purchase half of the facilities of the project from this country. About 80% of the facilities this petrochemical project requires have been already purchased, major part of which have been installed and the complex is expected to be pre-commissioned in H2 of the next (Iranian) year (starting March 2017).
Projects Trackers
Andimeshk LDPE
17 January 2017
MD of Andimeshk Petrochemical Co., stated that attempts have been made to extend the permission to provide cash from NDF for construction of LDPE plant.
“The activities related to land acquisition; license and project engineering are currently underway.”
Referring to the talks with Iran Bank Sepah as the agent bank of the project, he clarified: “Talks with the agent bank have been resumed and we intend to secure the project fund through NDF.”
“We are looking to renew the permission to secure Euro 230 Mln from NDF issued once in 2013, and an L/C is expected to be opened by the end of current (Iranian) year (March 2017).”
Stressing that Andimeshk LDPE project has made 11% physical headway, he stated: “Besides funds provision, this project is not facing any other specific issue and is expected to be implemented within 36 months.”
“This petrochemical project will be implemented in Andimeshk and there is no such an issue to change the project site.”
“Andimesk Petrochemical Complex is expected to produce 300,000 tons of LDPE per year, about 90% of which have been planned to be exported.”
The project was introduced in 2007. In 2010, Iranian Nargan won the EP tender of the project; however, due to financial issues the relevant contract was not signed.
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