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Farzad B
22 April 2017
MD of NIOC: NIOC is taking steps to tender the development project of Farzad-B Gas Field under EPCF model.
“We are taking steps to develop Farzad-B gas field under several EPCF contracts. We entered into talks with a consulting company to provide the relevant tender documents and the company is now busy preparing the technical and financial terms.”
Projects Trackers
11th Olefins (Kavian Petrochemical)
22 April 2017
MD of Kavian Petrochemical Co: This petrochemical complex suffers from lack of 100,000 tons/month of feedstock. Considering the limited feedstock received, Kavian Complex is presently running at 55% of its nominal capacity.
“Upon commissioning the remaining phases of South Pars gas field, it is hoped that the feedstock of this complex to be fully secured and the production to reach maximum capacity.”
Stressing that production at 2nd Olefins unit of the complex started as of late June 2016, he described: “ ‘Olefins I’ unit and ‘Olefins II’ unit were producing at 52% and 59% of their nominal capacity in order, the average of which had been about 55%.”
“Among the existing plans this complex has on agenda is the project to separate C3+ in order to create value added products, project to enhance the production capacity of Kavian I and II units, to commission liquid ethylene pipeline with an aim to export excess ethylene, and to construct the sixth boiler for a 20% increase of the steam generation capacity.”
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