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Siraf Refining Park
17 October 2018
Iran oil minister: The production capacity of this complex was initially planned to be 480,000 bpd including 8 refineries of 60,000 bpd capacity each: however, we decided to reduce the number of refineries to six and add the two detached refineries as the new phase of Persian Gulf Star Condensate Refinery (PGSCR) (phase 4 of PGSCR with a capacity of 120,000 bpd).
The fund for the remaining six refineries shall be secured from internal resources, and the required foreign exchange currency shall be also provided through the internal resources of NIOC. In total, in order to complete these series of refineries, a fund of $2.5 Bln is required.
Projects Trackers
Persian Gulf Star Condensate Refinery (PGSCR)
16 October 2018
MCD of NIORDC: The gasoline production of Persian Gulf Star Condensate Refinery will reach 40 Mln lpd by the end of current (Iranian) year (late March 2019), once its phase 3 completes.
Phase 3 of this refinery will be ready to get commissioned in December 2018, and its production would be stabilized after a period of 1-2 months.
Since about 45 days ago, the gasoline production rate of PGCS Refinery has reached 30 Mln lpd while the current refinery’s entire gasoline production is Euro-4 standard.
Once phase 3 completes, the country’s gasoline production rate will rise to about 107 Mln lpd.
At present, an average volume of 7 Mln lpd of gasoil is produced at this refinery, which after commissioning its 3rd phase it would rise to 10-12 Mln lpd.
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