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12th Methanol (Middle East Kimia Pars Methanol)
11 August 2018
The project to construct 12th Methanol (Middle East Kimia Pars Methanol) plant, with a 1.65 Mln ton methanol production capacity is underway, making about 77.58% progress. This project has made 92.86%, 94.85% and 59.90% in Engineering, Procurement and Construction respectively.
The executive company of the project, Tehran Farayand Dena Co. has been selected as the engineering consultancy of this project. Also there has been a change in ownership of this project and now Petrofarhang Co. owns 88% of the shares, while Iranian Investment Petrochemical Group (IIPGC), Middle East Persian Sanat Co, Vision Manabe Atie Co. and others own 8%, 1.7%, 1.4% and 1% of the shares in order.
Middle East Kimia Pars Methanol project is foreseen to get operational by June 2019. The approximate value of the project is about Euro 400 Mln and Rials 5000 Bln which has been secured through credit lines of Chinese Tianchen Engineering Corporation (TCC), and local investors.
Projects Trackers
13th Olefins (Ilam Olefins)
08 August 2018
MD of PGPIC: Based on the plan announced, the SRU of Ilam Petrochemical Co. shall get operational by the end of the current (Iranian) year (late March 2019).
The overall physical progress this EPC project has already made exceeds %94.
The construction SRU of this complex, as a pre-requisite of ethylene unit, was expected to be completed by March 2018.
The ethylene plant of Ilam Petrochemical Complex was supposed to be on stream by September 2018.
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