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South Pars Phase 14 (Offshore)
17 May 2017
Deputy managing director of NIDC, revealed that the drilling operation of phase 14 of South Pars shared gas field has made 87% headway.
“By the weekend, the drilling operation of the last well of this field will end. We are waiting for the relevant Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) pipelines to be supplied by NIOC to complete the wells.”
Stating that NIDC is responsible to drill 22 wells over platforms A and C of South Pars phase 14, He explained: “Two of these wells are appraisal and 20 are development wells.”
“Drilling of 11 wells of platform A, the main platform of phase 14, has finished and all the wells have been completed.”
Projects Trackers
Farzad B
17 May 2017
An Indian delegate, led by deputy minister of foreign affairs of India, had a meeting with Iran oil minister, 16th of May 2017, and talked to expand oil and gas cooperation between the two countries.
At this meeting, the two sides talked about the proposal made by Indian ONGC Videsh Ltd. (OVL) to develop ‘Farzad-B’ gas field and address the disagreement between NIOC and OVL over the financial model of this project.
On the sidelines of this meeting, deputy oil minister in commercial and international affairs, said: “At the meeting held today between Zangeneh and the Indian delegate, new ideas have been raised regarding ‘Farzad B’ development project, based on which it has been decided that the officials of OVL to visit MD of NIOC and his deputy, to talk over the details in order to resolve the issue.”
“The talks held today addressed the debts some Indian private refining companies owe to Iran and the alternatives to be replaced to deliver Iran natural gas to India.”
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