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Fields Trackers
South Azadegan
12 November 2017
Deputy MD in development and engineering affairs at PEDEC: Upon the current operation to boost the production capacity of South Azadegan oilfield, the production from this field will go beyond 100,000 bpd by the next week.
The current production of this field is over 80,000 bpd.
By bringing over 30 wells on stream, South Azadegan oilfield production capacity has been raised about 50,000 bpd.
Fields Trackers
South Pars Phase 11
08 November 2017
The tender process for fabrication of the equipment and installations of the offshore sector of South Pars phase 11 development project is underway as scheduled.
The tender for platforms’ installation as well as for construction and installation of the sub-sea pipelines are also underway.
In general, Total has planned to hold five tenders on SP phase 11, which are as follows:
1- Tender for fabrication and transportation of 2 jackets and 4 tripods,
2- Tender for fabrication and transportation of 2 topsides and the related component items,
3- Engineering, procurement, construction as well as installation of two 32” plus 4” (piggyback) sub-sea pipelines (135 km long each) and cables,
4- Installation and commissioning of jackets, tripods as well as topsides, bridges and all related component items,
5- Drilling 30 offshore oil development wells.
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