‘Iran Downstream Gas & Condensate Survey 2017’ comes out

10 October, 2017
Source: IranOilGas.com

Iran is currently the third largest gas producer and one of the largest producers of gas liquids and gas condensates in the world. The country intends to continue development trend of Iran gas fields in the next 10 years, and, as a result, the gas condensates production rate of the country will definitely increase. In line with the increasing production rate of gas liquid and condensates in Iran, the consumption rate of these products will also rise by commissioning new gas condensates refining projects as well as petrochemical complexes, within the next ten years. 

‘Iran Downstream Gas & Condensate Survey 2017’ is a comprehensive guide for those involved in Iran business development, investment strategy, gas downstream projects, operations, resources and market analysis.

The survey attempts to provide comprehensive information on current, past and future developments in Iran gas and condensate refineries, NGL plants, pipelines and booster stations as well as mini LNG/FLNG and GTL projects.

Detailed information on current and past gas downstream projects underway, and the development /expansion plans Iran has on agenda for new investments, in the next 10 years has been also provided by the survey.

‘Iran Downstream Gas & Condensate Survey 2017’ will examine the data related to production, consumption and exports of Iran natural gas, gas liquids, condensate and gas products of the past 10 years, of present and of the next 10 years. 

In addition, it gives a clear picture on Iran gas downstream and condensate outlook to March 2027, in terms of production and relevant consumptions as well as exports.

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