Building 2 Iran petchem plants in doubt due to lack of feed supply

09 January, 2017

Marzieh Shahdaiee, deputy oil minister in petrochemical industries affairs, said: “Considering the fact that the Kharg Island NGL unit, which was supposed to supply the ethane feed stock of Genaveh and Dashtestan petrochemical plants, has not yet been constructed, implementation of these two projects depends on the construction of this unit or alteration of the approval of the Cabinet of ministers,” reported the IRNA.

He added: “Genaveh Petrochemical Plant is an olefins project, the feed for which should be supplied through a unit to be constructed in Kharg Island. Since the aforementioned unit has not yet been constructed on the island, the feed for these petrochemical complexes cannot been provided.”

He continued: “Genaveh Petrochemical Plant is to supply the feedstock of Dashtestan Petrochemical Plant.”

Genaveh Petrochemical Plant aims to produce 500,000 t/y Ethylene and 45,000 t/y of C3+ Cuts, while Dashtestan aims to receive that ethylene to produce Ethylene glycol as follows: 500,000 t/y of MEG, 50,000 t/y of DEG and 4,000 t/y of TEG. Both mentioned plants are located in Bushehr province and the projects have defined to be constructed in 2009. The feed of Genaveh petrochemicals will be 650,000 t/y of Ethane, supposed to be supplied from Kharg NGL Plant.

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